Silent Corridor

The laughters died into a distant ripple
The waves crashed onto the thick stone walls
There are barriers only for happiness
The ones we break free for once – we are set free
The silent whispers of those turning pages
What if the letters knew to talk
What if the words had voices
What if those feelings had colors..
The laughter die into the ends of the corridors
That tiny dot into which all eyes travel
After a love is revealed and after a love is rejected
The tiny dot – at the end of your heart..
The lit up beauty of a new found inspiration
That seems to last forever, for ever
Pull it ashore, tie it to the shore
Let it float but its safe in your treasure galore
Let it catch the thrashed lives of those crashing waves
Bits and pieces- whatever that remains
The tiny door at the end of the corridor
The tiny dot at the end of every loving heart..

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