Broken Promise (2)

In a fleeting moment of romance 
He told her “watch the sunrise with me”

She smiled; she agreed

The night grew dark..

She started spinning thoughts

The moments she would spend 

With her lover, when the virgin day blossoms 
She slept somewhere into late night 

And woke up when it was still dark

Pulled off the sheets and glanced at the clock

‘Sunrise in fifteen minutes’

She gathered her warm clothes 

Made some sweet hot tea and waited for him to show up

She saw the sky turning silver and gold

She doubted ‘is this gonna be sunrise?’

Oh without him, oh no, without him 

She shut her eyes close ; she didn’t want to see

But where is her dearest..

She waited in distress 

Saddened by the uncertainty 

She slowly drifted to sleep..


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