My hurricane love

Yes, we all love and we all lose

We all try again and the cycle continues 

I had longed to have somebody that I can love 

I didn’t want to be loved back

I wanted to love, love and love

Or that’s what I thought I wanted..

And then this love happened 

But nothing like I had planned for

Giving me lessons , things are not in our control 

My love loved me back a hurricane love

So intense that it would drown me in happiness one day

So silent on others that I almost die of frustration 

Taking me on roller coaster rides 

Of thrilling excitement and deep depression 

Until this love made me just an unconscious doll 

Not knowing what to expect next 

Not knowing what would I be receiving next 

Not knowing what would I react to, next 

I lost myself 

I lost my thoughts 

I lost my sleep 

I lost hunger and pleasure 

Then I realized , if love can be so sweet and bitter at the same time 

It’s better to be kept wrapped up within me 

Hope this hurricane love never tempts me again 

Alas! One nudge, and my love is sure to jump out of my heart 

Traveling those mine fields again 

Getting euphoric and getting hurt over and over again

Oh my, help this heart to beat to its own rhythm, 

Without longing for another love all over again!


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