What did I gain by loving him?

I realized that I had a dimension which I never knew existed. He brought out that part of me which knew to be kind, patient and forgiving. He made me realize I could be beautiful beyond my imagination. 

What did I gain when he loved me? 

A world full of imagination. Conversations about every beautiful thing, every sorrow overcome, every hope and every joy. Some of them discussed, some of them through untold words.. I realized I could talk to him without words. 

And when I lost him…

I realized no one should love anything or anybody in this world more than one’s true self. Don’t let anything change our core being. When I lost him, I found myself with all my strengths and blessings. When I lost him, I learned how to let go and at the same time wish well of all that is attached to me. I learned how to love someone without conditions. Without fear; by losing him I became fearless!


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